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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do you provide free estimates?

Answer: Yes, our estimates are typically free of charge. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with our bid for services. We value our potential customers, we do not consider it an inconvenience to look at your project.  **

** pre purchase inspections requested by the potential buyer will be completed for a fee of $125.00 for Duval and Clay counties. Includes written inspection report. Subsequent bid for necessary work supplied at no cost

Question:  Can you give me a "ball park" estimate over the phone?

Answer:  No, we cannot provide a bid without inspecting your project, for a couple of reasons.

First we only provide accurate bids for the work that is necessary. That requires inspection of the roof (or other construction) condition, measurements etc. Much like an automotive body shop, if they cannot inspect the car, a price quote is out of the question as too many variables go into repair pricing.

Second a "ball park" estimate is nothing more than a guess. Indicating a price on a guess could quite possibly lead to problems / changes when the project is actually seen.  

Unforeseen necessary work on the project can change the price greatly, which is not a surprise the customer needs to deal with after committing to working with a contractor. 

We inspect your project as thoroughly as possible and give you an accurate bid along with notifying you of any potential additional problems that could arise (possible rotted wood etc.)

Question:  Can you just go over the top of my existing roof material instead of tearing it off?

Answer:  Sometimes we can, depending on the condition of the existing materials and the substrate (deck). We are required to comply with city building codes and our own strict standards. For example, if your roof has two layers of shingles already, we have no choice but to remove them (tear off). Evidence of substrate / deck deterioration will also require a "tear off" in order to repair affected areas. 

We feel that tearing off the existing materials, inspecting the substrate / deck and the general integrity of the roof structure and components, then installing a quality roof is typically the best course of action.

Question:  How long will it take to complete my roof? 

Answer:  On average, one to two days for residential roofs. There are exceptions to
this rule. Roofs that are, larger than average, in need of extensive structural repairs, or roofs where we are installing specialty materials, will of course require more time to complete.  

We have found this question is asked by customers after they have seen another roofing company take a week or longer to complete a job on an average size home in the neighborhood. We understand the inconvenience of having people you do not know around your house, on your roof, interrupting your regularly scheduled life. We come to each job site with the manpower, knowledge, skill, and equipment to complete the job in a timely manner.  However, rest assured we will never jeopardize our quality craftsmanship
to hurry a job along. 

Commercial projects do not have an average time frame due to the vast size difference
in commercial buildings. We will give you an expected time frame for completion upon commencement of the project.

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