River City Roofing in Jacksonville Florida 

is dedicated to providing customers with services that incorporate the highest degree of craftsmanship, integrity and quality. Our goal has been to provide the highest quality roofing systems in Northeastern Florida, using only the best of current technologies and materials. We provide our customers with over 35 years of roofing experience focusing on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Each of our employees is trained extensively in the unique application and strict standard in which we perform roof installations of every type. Together we have made River City Roofing a leader in reliability, quality, and customer service.  Providing 24 hour emergency service!

Quality craftsmanship is crucial to a long term roofing solution. Too often we are asked to replace roof systems that have failed prematurely due to poor craftsmanship and installation of low grade material by others. Roof systems expected to last 20+ years, lasting only five years (or less), is not only disappointing to the building owner, but a very expensive lesson in the importance of quality. The harsh climate in Florida, from heavy rains, hail, windstorms and hurricanes, place particular demands on roof materials. Roofing materials will only perform as expected if they are properly installed. The best roofing material manufactured will perform to expectations only if they are properly installed.

Serving Northeast Florida

Jacksonville, Orange Park

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